milk replacer products

Our quality assurance: a commitment of integrity

Quality assurance by way of technological control

The feed production plant in Louiseville, Qc. is one of the most productive in North America.  The complete computerization at all stages of production assures us of three essential criteria: reliability, traceability and security in the production of all our products.

Quality-assurance by way of lab control

Only the laboratory can authorize the release into production of a given raw material. Regardless of the fact that all our raw material ingredients are required to be analyzed and approved by our suppliers prior to being shipped to our plant, we still exercise strict control over all raw material products that are delivered to us. The laboratory has the last word and its verdict is final.

Our operators have all the facilities at their disposal to perform any required analysis during the production process. Furthermore, all finished products must be analyzed and receive final approval from the laboratory before they can be released for shipment to the customer.

Quality-assurance by zootechnical control

In the region St-Hyacinthe, we have ultra modern research facilities which allows us to continuously validate our regular feeds as well as our new formulations. The animal has the last word.

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